Wine Tasting For Rednecks

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When someone looks at me, the first description to come to mind is not wine nerd, much to my irritation I have to admit the persona first noticed is that of redneck. Truth be told, I am a closet wine nerd. My culinary side loves the challenge of pairing wines with food, my snob side loves it when I can smell and taste something that the person sitting next to me cannot….and my redneck side loves the process of how good wine is crafted and made. From bud to bottle I am fascinated how the combination of sun, soil and man can create in my opinion the magic that comprises a glass of wine. So with this as a background, a few of us decided to drive to Nemea, which is to Greece what the Napa Valley is to the American wine scene. I happen to be blessed by having probably the best Cava in Athens located in my neighbourhood, so for me any wine tasted would be compared to the sublime blends that Oino Typo creates. At the end of the day with 20+ wines tasted, vineyards tramped through, cellars explored, and the nuances of vinification explained, and of course a great meal at a local taverna, we drove home with a desire to explore more of this fascinating and premiere wine region. As far as the wine goes…. well, albeit superb, I find the quality and attention to detail every bit as good at the cava.  Below are a few pictures documenting our great day.

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    • We tasted at Lafkiotis, Semeli, and Palivou. All were good, would have tasted at more places but the with the wonderful lunch we ran out of time!

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