IMG 0701

The yearly birthday shrimp

As I look back over the past couple of weeks I now understand why I haven’t had the desire to be industrious in the kitchen. The tendrils of work seem to have slowly crept in and squeezed any culinary creativity out of me. So today I will give you a photo journal of my last couple of weeks.

IMG 0716

 The wonderful black forest cake done entirely by my 14 year old daughter 


IMG 0697

Birthday friends

IMG 0703

Wonderful roasted vegetables topped with gooey cheese

IMG 0688

Cooking for 20

IMG 0686

Prepping couscous for 20

IMG 0670

Hand rolling spring rolls

IMG 0672

IMG 0669

Doesn’t everyone need a good donkey butter?

IMG 0655

50 feet from my house…

IMG 0667

And flooding the next day!

IMG 0711

What you need at the end of the day…

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