Vegetable Market: Week 5

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It felt like a scene from an old west movie. The street was empty except for the blowing hot wind and the ever-present street grime. Anyone who was open had the nervous look of wishing they were somewhere else. The only thing that was missing was the evil gunslinger and the wounded hero defending the honour of some lost love… That is how the market felt this week. With the national religious holiday of the Dormition of the Theotokos otherwise known as the Assumption of the virgin Mary, the Laiki felt empty and lifeless.  I won’t get into the specifics of the theology surrounding the Dormition, but it is essentially a feast that celebrates the end of Mary’s earthly life. Whatever the significance of this on a spiritual level, to the culture at large it signifies the beginning of summer holidays. Even with the reality of the economic crisis gripping many peoples lives, the 15th of August provides a perfect excuse for most to escape the oppressive nature of a summer in the city of Athens. So as I walked down the empty street, the choice of what to buy was almost made for me by the lack of purveyors. 

What I managed to forage this week, total cost 20 Euros:

  • A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers
  • Garlic
  • Two types of tomatoes 
  • Green peppers
  • Green grapes
  • Musk melon
  • Cucumber
  • Peaches
  • Plums
  • A lone pear donated by my peach guy, free of charge

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  1. Greetings,

    Just got your email and was sobered by the reality, have prayed …and you and the Team and family and the Friendships and the Finances, and the Patience; have benn very much impressed on my mind. Keep Loving and continue to be instigators of Loving Actions.

    Your very much in my thoughts.

    Robert & Marilyn Reid

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