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A shot in panoramic mode

With men, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a toy and a tool. I know guys that if you give them a new drill, they are happier than a kid with a new lego set. This phenomenon is dependant on interests and talents. The excitement one derives from tools will be different for different men. I thought that I was relatively immune to such simple stimuli, that is until this week. I found myself like a kid at Christmas, literally bursting with uncontrolled excitement. Let me explain. My mobile phone died. It was a bottom end Android and in actuality it was a smartphone with an IQ of about 50…meaning it was useless. I had a little money but not enough to replace it with anything adequate. (Mobile handsets are really expensive in Greece, but personal plans are relatively cheap.) Just on an off chance I phoned my buddy back home and asked him to put out a few feelers to see if I could get a used or new unlocked phone in my price range. Knowing I couldn’t afford an iPhone, I was hoping for something like a Samsung Galaxy S2. After a few days my buddy let me know that he found a great deal on an S2, the only catch was that it was a burgundy pink. He said, “Price trumps colour.” So reluctantly I agreed, sent the money and began to wait for my new tool/toy to come in the mail. As the days passed my excitement grew, to point that I was almost panicking for it to come (ask my family, apparently I was irritable.) Finally the big day arrived and a brown box was before me at my desk ready to be opened. As I started to cut the tape, my mind was working out how I could disguise the ugly colour so I wouldn’t get beaten up, having a pink phone in my neighbourhood. With the box opened I began to pull out the wadded paper and plastic surrounding the phone. Instantly I knew something was wrong, frustrated I thought my friend got me the wrong phone. I pulled out the packaging and in utter disbelief I realized he did get me the wrong phone. Only what was before me was a new iPhone 4s. My jaw was on the desk. My friend had used my money, added some of his own and treated me to a gift that was beyond anything I could have imagined. All that to say is that now I  have the tool for a mobile and better blogging experience. I am super excited to capture better images on the fly and to more efficiently put them out there for you to enjoy. So to my friend; Thank you for a new toy that will be used and enjoyed as a great and effective tool.

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One of my favourite Greek beers

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