The Homogeneous Food Principle

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I love Mediterranean food, and in particular I am fascinated by the complexity and culture that surrounds Greek cuisine. But there is this thing I call the homogeneous food principle. In a nut shell it revolves around a simple question. “Can you get too much of a good thing?” After living in Greece for five years, quite clearly the answer is yes! For me particularly in the area of breakfast. My northern and fat cell producing body craves a substantial breakfast. In a country where the national morning sustenance is coffee and a cigarette, this is where the homogeneous food principle screams loudest. Quite clearly my ranting comes from my consumeristic (i.e. spoiled for choice) North American food culture. My purpose is not to complain about what we can’t have,  but to celebrate what we miss. To appreciate the things that make our homelands unique and special. When it comes down to it, I miss the times as a kid when I would sit beside my grandpa and listen to his jokes over bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. So to those of you who are exiles from your own homogeneous food culture, please comment and scream aloud what you crave the most from home!
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