The dark underbelly of homemade ice-cream

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I felt like part of a motorcycle gang speeding away from a crime with illegal contraband under my arm and the wind in my hair. But what was under my arm was not drugs, money or even illegal weapons…My contraband was an ice-cream maker….and with a price tag of 29 euros I felt as though I had stolen it. With extreme stealth I managed to bring the item into the building, up the elevator, and into my flat without anyone following or noticing the tightly packaged bundle. I was not evading police or rival gangs but something even worse, my house guests and children. So in secret like a mad scientist I created my very own franken-cream. Truth be told, once the realization of making your own ice cream hits home, you will be pulled into making it from every possible ingredient in your cupboard….yes, that addiction is the dark underbelly of homemade ice-cream!

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