The Christmas Mountain of Cabbage


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From time to time I get to use my passion for cooking in ways that benefit others rather than just my immediate family and my waistline. This past week I had the privilege of cooking for 150 or so refugees from many different parts of the world. I was expecting to be part of a large group organized to cook the 200 pieces of chicken, chop the 10 heads of cabbages and cook the 15 kilos of rice. The group turned out to be three of us. The upside to this is that I got a hands on view on how to cook persian style rice, as I chopped my way through all 10 heads of cabbage with my mizu knife. Here are some pictures of the mountain of cabbage and the rice cooking process as directed by my new Afghani friend.

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IMG 0205

Half of the cabbage chopped

IMG 0243

Done deal

IMG 0245

1/4 of the chicken ready for the eating….Chick-fil-a watch your back…

IMG 0201

Rinsing the first batch of rice before boiling (Persian rice is cooked just like pasta)

IMG 0234

Draining the cooked rice

IMG 0227

Lining the bottom of the pot for the crunchy Tadig (The best part of the rice. You can also use potatoes)

IMG 0235

Putting the rice into the pot with the tadig

IMG 0238

Pouring in the heated oil

IMG 0221

And last but not least, you place the rice back on low heat, and seal with a towel to lock in the moisture

IMG 0251  Version 2

And finally, adding the oil, oregano and lemon to the carrot and cabbage salad

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