The best beach food…

Ok, you’ve got saltwater and you have sand. The water leaves a nice salty finish on your skin reminiscent of a spice rub. The sand just sticks to everything, and you find it weeks later in places you didn’t think came in contact with the evil substance. The eternal question remains: What do you take to the beach to eat? What can withstand the Greek sun with radiation levels similar to a nuclear reactor? What can you bring that won’t be carried away by ants? Or my personal favourite, what can you pack that when you bite into it, won’t be full of sand as to send you to your dentist to re-fill your cavities? I’ve tried sandwiches, (full of sand) potato chips, (never fill you up and blow away in the wind) cheese and crackers, (blasted sand issue again) and watermelon. (This attracts ants, bees, flies, and neighbouring children. Plus the added bonus of being magnetized to the…you guessed it, sand!) So after five years of eating and experiencing food at the beach in Greece, I’m inclined to go with the cultural wisdom and walk the 50 steps to the beach taverna and order a plate of fried fish and a salad and wash it down with a cold bottle of beer.

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