Sun Burned Tomatoes

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As I looked at the thermometer I commented to myself, “No wonder I’m hot!”  As I took a second look to confirm what I was actually reading, the number registered with my misfiring synapses. “40C at my desk? Wow.” Yep as I sit here and type this it is a balmy, slightly unpleasant 40C (about 104F). Other than sweat from every conceivable place, what does one do at this temperature? In the heat, an idea sluggishly began to form. If you combine the best tasting tomatoes with this kind of heat, logic would dictate that you would end up with the perfect sun dried tomato. So with this thought I proceeded to cut up what tomatoes I had on hand, toss them with a little salt on a cookie sheet, and expose them to the full effects of the strong Greek sun. After 3-4 days I will report back to tell you if the tomatoes handled the sun better than my lobster looking arms!

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