Service Interruption/Notice of Change/It’s Crazy Hot and Why am I doing this Now

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It seems like all of Europe takes holidays in August. Being from North America initially it felt weird that once the beginning of August hit, and the whole city evaporated to county homes and/or beachside residences. I must confess, after five years, I now have embraced this local/European tradition. But unfortunately my sick North American side still requires me to work, albeit for personal reasons. So when everyone else is at the beach drinking a beer, I am about to spend the next forceable future sitting in front of my trusty macbook, transitioning culinary theology from Blogger to WordPress. All that to say, I will still update, but there may be some unforeseen service interruptions, primarily because I am a techno-tard and that an ambient temperature of 38C does not help the thinking processes. So wish me good luck.

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