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As long as there has been an omnivore (i.e. you) salt has been used in cooking, curing and preserving. From antiquity until the advent of modern refrigeration the use of salt has been the essential item in a cooks chemical arsenal. Currently in my kitchen, I am using salt in two ways to change the composition of olives from their natural state to an edible one. 1) A saltwater brine 2) Olives packed in coarse salt to draw out excessive acidity. My love of salt is deep. Like all men I love to collect things I enjoy and in my weird case I enjoy collecting salt…Over Christmas, I found wrapped up under the tree, two beautiful salts. One is the famous reddish brown Alaea originating in Hawaii the other inky black pyramid flakes originating on the shores of the Arabian sea. I am really excited to utilize and incorporate these unique salts into many dishes in the days ahead.

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  1. Different colours of salt – who knew? I have always thought of salt as being only white. I guess it stands to reason since God created more than one colour of flower and variety in everything else in life. (I don’t think yellow snow falls into this category…) Thanks for sharing this, Heath!

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