~Salt-cured Olives

This is about the easiest way to cure fresh olives. But when cured this way they have the most robust flavor. These olives are not for the faint of heart or for the weak taste buds. Olives cured in this way are consistently my favorite. I use them in a variety of dishes or all on their own.

  • 1 kilo ripe (purple) fresh olives 
  • 2 kilo coarse salt (the ratio is 50% salt to 50% olives)
  • Metal or plastic bowl to hold the olive salt mixture 
  • 2 lemons (for after the cure)
  • Canning jars (for after the cure)
  • Olive oil (for after the cure) 
  • Various herbs to flavor the finished olives. Oregano chillies etc.


Wash the olives. when dry, take a sharp knife and cut a slit in each of the olives. Pack the olives and 1 kilo of salt in your bowl making sure all the olives are covered. Every 2 or 3 days mix and repack, draining any liquid that has been drawn out of the olives. When the salt has been saturated with moisture (after 1 week) change the salt and cure for another week. After 2 weeks, rinse the salt off the olives. Place the olives in the jars, add the flavors you want, cover with oil and after another week enjoy.
I made 2 flavors:
  1. I cubed 1 of the lemons, added a healthy portion of oregano (I used about 1/4 cup) and mixed with a little olive oil. I poured this over the olives, and topping up with more olive oil as needed. 
  2. I took 2 whole chillies and rough chopped them (or 2 tbsp of coarse ground chillies) I cubed the second lemon mixed with oil and added to olives. Once again topping as needed.

****Note you can flavor deli bought olives with this method. The sky is the limit. Have fun****

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