If Red Green had a Butcher Shop….

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As a Canadian in my mid-thirties I can remember a time when I consumed a regular diet of the “Red Green Show,” streamed into my living room via peasant vision (a.k.a. the CBC.) I experienced in my opinion the best of unpolished slapstick humour that could be found north or south of the 49th parallel. My favourite part of the show was “handyman corner”. To this day, the need to use duct tape for every and any fix-it or reno type job is engrained into my psyche (you should see the mirror on my car…really!)  So on a recent trip to Albania I had what I call a Red Green flashback. What did my wondering eyes behold, but a butcher shop made out of a holiday trailer!  As I stood there and stared I could almost hear Red’s raspy voice in my head explaining the merits and functionality of a mobile butcher shop (modified by a sawzall and held together with …you guessed it duct tape.) This post is dedicated to childhood humour and the corrupting power that it holds on a mind throughout a lifetime. To those of you who know nothing of Red Green I invite you to check out the links and savour good old fashioned, stupid humour!

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