Pelion; Centaurs and Moussaka

IMG 7480Agia Kiriaki at sunset

It is not hard to imagine why the ancients believed that Centaurs resided on Mount Pelion. Ethereal mist combined with lush vegetation and craggy rock formations almost leave you feeling like something magical and not entirely safe could in fact dwell amidst the chestnuts and rushing rivers. As I navigated the serpentine roads and walked through cliffside villages, I recalled mythical stories from my childhood long forgotten in dusty books. (Yes it is OK for adults to imagine!)  It wasn’t until we stopped for lunch in Lafkos that my focus was brought back to reality. Before me was placed a delicious serving of moussaka. It was perfect. Not too much béchamel, spiced minced lamb filling, and thin slices of potato lining the bottom. It was so good that I devoured the dish in short order. After lunch we continued our drive south and the mystical landscape transformed into a characteristically Mediterranean one. Our destination was Agia Kiriaki, a remote fishing village historically known for its sponge fishing fleet. I was blown away, what I saw was a feast of colour to my eyes. Blue doorways, red and orange fishing boats, earthy fish tavernas, all set against the backdrop of the crystal blue sea. As the sun set and the day closed, my mind once again wandered back to the mythical and to the stories that must be re-experienced.

IMG 7429A sign for an old cafe in Lafkos

IMG 7508Catch of the day drying in the late afternoon sun

IMG 1194 The monster Moussaka


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    • Ha ha Spetzofai is my favourite…but alas the Taverna in Lafkos did not have spetzofai…Truth be told, usually I don’t order moussaka at all but hey it was good.

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