Ouzeri Mezedes

The only thing better than a warm spring day in Greece, is enjoying a cold beer and a plateful of ouzeri mezedes by the sea. Growing up in the land locked mountains of Canada I had never had the culture or capacity to enjoy a massive platter of seafood, much less actually get it down. What made this particular day even more special was the fact that it was my anniversary and I could enjoy the day with my wife. If one day I ever had to leave this remarkable country, it would be the small moments like this that I would miss the most. So before I get too nostalgic and make myself cry or something girlie like that, I will explain what is on the platter so you too can salivate like I did.

So from the top left in the the small bowls we have:

  • A really fresh yogurt dip with mint.
  • Marinated octopus.
  • Tirokaftiri. (My favourite spread. A mixture of soft cheese and hot peppers).
  • Skordalia. (A killer garlic and potato spread. Vampires beware)

Next row from the left:

  • Bakaliaros. (Salt cod)
  • Tucked in behind we have a couple of Kolokithokeftedes (Zucchini fritters)
  • In front of the fritters we have a couple of crab croquettes (with the claw as the handle)

In the front row:

  • On the left we have a large pile of fried squid.
  • And to the right we have a collection of small fried sardines and anchovies.
  • And to round it all off, every Ouzeri platter has wedges of juicy tomato and slices of crisp cucumber.


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