On The Road In Prague

Prague is the real deal. The streets breathe old world allure and jaw dropping architecture. There was no question in my mind that the visual aesthetics wouldn’t disappoint, but what about the local food? Used to a Mediterranean lifestyle where the evening meal starts at ten in the evening, I wasn’t sure what I would find as I hit the streets after my late flight. Hoping for something authentic I headed to the massive square of Wenceslas (yes I have carols running through my head) After being propositioned by four prostitutes (not kidding), I managed to find a great little restaurant away from the sex traffic. Anyway, after a few moments I had a great local dark lager in my hand awaiting the local specialty of duck confit. It was served with an ale gravy and a type of sauerkraut which I cannot pronounce. Although my stomach was full, I left with a growing hunger for more traditional Czech dishes with accompanying local brews.


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