Moravian Sparrow and other Oddities

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For someone used to mediterranean ingredients and flavours, this dish represented something of an odd comfort food mecca. Meaty, salty (just the right amount), full of carbohydrates and loaded with flavour. (There is even the token vegetable, the cabbage, for you healthy types.) Playing the tourist, I needed to find a place that I could experience authentic Czech food without all the hubbub that usually accompanies the typical tourist rip off. I scoured the internet and relevant guidebooks and to my surprise found a place in the heart of the old town that had a reputation for great renditions of classic Czech dishes with great prices. It took me about half an hour wandering the cobblestone streets to find the place and once inside I was ushered to a great table overlooking the street and the bustle outside. It only took a moment to decide. I needed have the platter that contained smaller portions of the classics of Czech cuisine. So from the top, left to right we have:

  • Moravian Sparrow (this is a very tender cut of juicy roasted pork about half the size of you fist.)
  • Just above the Sparrow we have a robust beer sausage.
  • In the middle we have a generous portion of smoked ham. (They brine it for more than 12 hours and then roast it over a wood fire)
  • Pierced with the knife we have a delightful leg of duck. The super crispy skin was dotted with caraway seeds leaving you with a complete wow experience.
  • Now in front on the left we have a trio of surprisingly light potato dumplings.
  • Next we have dumplings “par excellence” translation‚Ķ.bacon dumplings (everything does taste better with bacon)
  • Right in front we have bread dumplings.
  • On the far right we have red and white sauerkraut.
  • Last but not least in the far back, to wash it all down you need a great local dark lager bursting with sweet carmel flavours.

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