Memoirs of a chubby kid

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Each year when I was a kid, I knew Christmas was near when my mother unveiled the latest vintage of peanut butter balls. When I look back I am astounded at the level of work and patience that went unnoticed as I gobbled up the PB balls by the handful. My mom would hand roll each of them, then using a toothpick, dip them one at a time into melted chocolate. She would make literally dozens at a time. As my childhood fades into a black hole of memory, peanut butter balls for me remain as the face of Christmas past. This year for Christmas my wife came across a recipe that dare I say is a PB ball replacement. So from the bowels of Pinterest (I think) I give you, “Peanut Butter Squares.”

The photo was taken with my phone and an external macro lens called the ollo clip

For the recipe link click here

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