Pelion; Katsiki Lemonato

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One of the local specialties of Pelion is roasted goat in a lemon sauce or “Katsiki Lemonato” (recipe forthcoming).  As my time in Pelion was drawing to a close I began to be concerned that I would not find a taverna that served this tasty mountain dish. Walking into the square of the central church in Zagora, I noticed written on a blackboard that the special of the day was in fact the goat I was looking for.  (Excuse the bad Star Wars joke here…) After a short discussion with my wife, I convinced her that life and death was held in the balance if we did not stop and eat the goat. As soon as the plate was laid in front of me my mouth started to water like a sprinkler system. The anticipation got the better of me, I could not wait to sink my teeth into this dish. I must confess it did not disappoint. Tender meat with an intense lemon sauce/gravy, my only complaint was that I did not have enough bread to mop up all the juices. To accompany the goat we ordered a delicious Beef Gouvetsi (stewed beef in a tomato sauce baked with orzo pasta and topped with cheese, recipe forthcoming)  and to round it all out,  a nice portion of Spetzofai (this one was exceptional, spicy and robust). On my last day in Pelion I was treated to the best meal I had all week. I will be going home a good five pounds heavier…

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 Beef Gouvetsi

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The Best Spetzofai

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