Incommunicado~my confession

I have been divorced from my kitchen….almost as it were divorced from myself….my muse, my passion packaged up and placed in the suitcase of my mind for what seems like a half life. Spending 6 months in North America has taken it’s toll. The inability to cook, to create,  has plagued me. Yet all is not lost. I have panfried Arctic Grayling and Dolly Varden near the Arctic circle, sipped Kentucky bourbon and experienced “Chick-fil-a” with friends in Louisville, and I have even had the privilege of eating what looked like a deep fried minute steak. Yes, my crowning achievement was partaking in what my new Texan friends called “Chicken Fried Steak”. So as this creatively anemic year closes, I would like us to raise our forks in thanks to food, and to the culture that is represented and experienced in each bite. So THANKS Y’ALL

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