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Anarchist Fish Soup Revised
Some of you might say…”Hey wait a minute, I already saw this post!” Yes, you are correct I did post this before. But today I’d like to explain the recipe and make an announcement. You see, some time ago my wife turned me on to this really cool website called They Draw and Cook. Ever since that time I’ve regularly admired all the talented artists and the creativity found on each recipe submitted from cook/artists all over the world. At some point I thought to myself, “Self, I could do that!” So with digital pen and inspiration from my weekly cooking time at an anarchist community kitchen, I created something that represents a crazy mix between graffiti and a mad scientist all disguised as a clever (or I think so anyway) recipe. So after many long hours in front of the computer and what seemed to be burned retinas, I submitted my recipe to the aforementioned website. They accepted it and published it.
So look around their site and maybe you’ll be inspired as well.

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