highway 61 revisited (or in this case Canada)

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In the annals of blog consistency, I suck. Much has changed from when I last posted until now. Change sucks. From then until now I have built a 3d printer, visited Paris for the first time, changed jobs, moved continents, set up new house and home, gained 20 pounds, lost 7, built a custom gas grill, rediscovered hamburgers and gained more weight. The one constant in my life during this tumultuous time (other than the weight gain)  has been Bob and my favourite vinyl album. One thing I have learned from my recent return to Canada, is that a blog about DIY healthy cooking is very much needed…I was pretty much in the fetal position drooling on the floor the first time I went to the super market after I returned. Too much choice, too much processed crap. I was overwhelmed and it left me with a culinary lobotomy. You should have seen me in the tooth paste aisle! All that to say, as I re-integrate back into Canadian life, I will document my cooking adventures and sort out how to cook creatively and healthy in a pathetic food product world.

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