Greek VIllage Style Spanakopita [Visual Translation]

Over New Years, a piece of paper was thrust into my hand. It looked like instructions to find buried treasure. As I read the note in Greek (which looked like a prescription) I realized that I had been given a recipe to something more valuable than gold. We were sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine in hand and my friend shared with me her early childhood memories of hand made pitas and bread cooked by her mother over an open fire. The piece of paper was the culmination of the discussion. So what is before you today is my humble attempt to translate this masterpiece of “Spanakopita.”
Two notes of warning: This recipe is in the classic Greek tradition of telling you as little as possible about quantities, temperatures, etc. If you need to follow directions like a spreadsheet you will be out of your depth here. Secondly the figure represented in the recipe in no way represents or resembles my friend. He is simply my “muse.”

Spanakopita page 1Spanakopita page 2Spanakopita page 3Spanakopita page 4

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