Ghetto Griller

There is an expression that says… “Necessity is the mother of invention and laziness is the father.” I’m not sure where the inspiration for this one came from, but as much as I love meat roasted over a charcoal fire, there is a time and a place for an easy gas operated BBQ. Especially when you don’t have that extra hour to prepare the coals. I know many who read this will ask; “Why didn’t you just go out and buy one…this is the 21st century?” Yes I could have bought one, but that’s not the point. You see, I have an inner need to hack or re-purpose items. I grew up watching The Red Green Show, so you could say I cut my teeth on hacking. So out of a portable gas burner, charcoal firebox and an IKEA Hyllis shelving unit  I have created What I call the Ghetto Griller.
Ready for the spatter guard
Making the splatter guard
Gas lines attached
Ready to Grill
It’s even a Transformer! You can remove the grilling shield
Adjust the height
And now ready for use as an outdoor kitchen
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