Funeral For an Urban Legend

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As a kid I was always told of the things you could do in the extreme heat. Being from a northernish part of Canada i.e. really cold (about the same latitude as Siberia) I believed most of the stories I heard. So as I sit in front of my computer with little clothing on, in over 43 degree heat,  I decided to see if this urban legend was true or not. The legend in question was whether or not you could fry an egg in the sun. So armed with a timer, egg, frying pan, camera and the omnipresent sun, I set out to see if I could cook an egg on my deck. 

IMG 5252

As you can see I picked a nice free range egg.

IMG 5256  Version 2

This is the moment that the egg hit the pan. (note: I left the pan in the sun for an hour before I attempted this)

IMG 5281  Version 2

This is after 60 min of direct full sun.
Conclusion: If I stood outside in the direct sun with the heat reading over 50C on the thermometer, I would soon look and feel like I had survived a nuclear holocaust. The egg was more or less uncooked but congealed and bubbly and therefore, in my opinion, inedible. (Unless you wanted a trip to the hospital with a nasty case of food poisoning.) So with my sunburned shoulders peeling, I consider this my eulogy at the funeral of a common urban legend.

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