Fresh Raisins

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In the technical sense an oxymoron but…

Looking out upon a field of freshly drying raisins you can’t argue with the accurateness of the statement.  Ripe grapes + hot August sun = really tasty raisins. This particular field is located in a rather lush area of southern Greece called Messinia. Messinia is generally famous for it’s Kalamata olives, but often overlooked is the large production of citrus and the fruit in question, grapes.  Once the grapes (usually Sultanas if used for drying) have reached that perfect balance of sweetness, they are picked and laid down to dry, concentrating the already sweet berries into what we call raisins. According to the guy I get them from at the market, he then cleans them and coats them in a little olive oil to give them a fresh shine.

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