Failure to launch

Steki chapter 5 solidarity

There is a reason that I am not a graphic designer. (Warning: incoming rant.) I love the creative process and the actual design and I love it when people say  “Just use you imagination, and be creative.”  But I hate it when people say that they have no preference or input, when clearly they do. It irritates me that people have to see it before they can decide what they want…I would much rather design something with all the information and get it right, than do 54 mockups just to get the right “spirit” of the project. So after spending about 25 hours of my spare time I am back to the drawing board, literally. What was requested as my art for the cover and chapters has now turned into an exercise in creating clipart….alas…today I have a greater respect for my graphic designer friends. I can’t wait to finish this project so I can actually get back to cooking and recipe creation.

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