Death Threats and Lemon Cultivation

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They say that plants like to be talked to…With this theory in mind I decided to “talk” to my pathetic, stunted, leaf curling, lemon tree. OK to be fair it’s not all the tree’s fault, but really, 5 years and not a single lemon! So being a man of action I decided to have a “word” with Mr. Lemon tree. I told him that I would re-pot him, make sure he had enough water, do what I could to deal with the insects, and in return I wanted, demanded a lemon. Not three, four or five, but just one! But if he did not live up to his end of the bargain I told him, with all the posturing and calmness of a Sicilian mobster, that I would cut pieces off him and dispose of him so that no one would ever find him again….So what is the status of our arrangement? At present I have four lemons and one flower. A small miracle. I guess plants really do respond to talking

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