Culinary Theology on the Road: Thessaloniki

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

I live in the centre of Athens and enjoy the vibrant and intense lifestyle. As of late I have had enough of the vibrancy and intensity that smouldering garbage, smoke bombs, riot police, teargas and burning cars provide. So with my parents visiting from Canada, I needed no prompting to take a few days off and head north to Thessaloniki for a mental (and real) breath of fresh air. Whether you want to peruse though the many historical sites or just relax and enjoy a bougatsa with a warm cup of coffee, you are spoiled for choice in Thessaloniki.
I like to gauge a city’s heartbeat by it’s food market. The various tinned products, meats, fish, and cheeses all tell a story of the people that live and call their city home. Here are a few pictures of Thessaloniki’s central market…

Chestnuts ready for an open fire… 

Ripe pomegranates 

Fall fruits and vegetables

Your choice of olives

Olives and their oil

Preserved fish
The “everything you would want and somethings you wouldn’t” store…

Fresh local feta

Organ grinder
Fresh from the sea

Skinned pig head anyone?
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