Cowboy Toast

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Of all the senses, smell has the unique ability to travel time and to bring you to events long past. The smell of eggs and cooking bacon, always reminds me of my grandfather. I am particularly fond of the stories he would tell of his early days as a cowboy working the ranch. As a young man he would spend days on horseback, driving cattle and protecting the herd from predators as they traveled from the grazing lands to the market and beyond. I often would imagine cool evenings by the fire and hearty breakfasts with boiled coffee, bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. A pathetically romanticized view I know, but hey this is my imagination! So as I tell my Grandfather’s stories to my children, it is often over bacon, and our family favourite, cowboy toast.

What you need:

  • 1 piece of toast bread
  • 1 medium egg
  • A good knob of butter for frying
  • A good pinch of Montreal steak spice
  • Salt and pepper to round out the flavour

How it’s done:

  • Take your favourite cookie cutter, mine happens to be a square, and cut out the centre of your piece of bread.
  • Heat the butter in a frying pan and until it begins to foam.
  • Add the bread to the pan (fry the cut out piece at the same time) and crack the egg into the hole in the middle. Season with the steak spice.
  • When the white begins to set on the bottom and before your bread burns, flip the egg, adding more butter if needed.
  • At this point you can cook your egg to your liking. I prefer mine to be medium. That sweet spot where the yolk is not runny but still golden and soft.
  • Adjust the seasoning, and serve with a huge pile of crispy smoked bacon.

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