Citrus Seared Tuna

We decided to take our holidays in the south of Greece this year. Which means castles, beaches and exploring local food. We were checking out a little seaside village called Pylos when I came across the local fishmonger and the catch of the day which happened to be a good sized tuna. I eagerly waited as he cut me off a 2 inch steak. It saddens me to have to comment about the issues of overfishing, ethics and sustainability. I have spent 2 years observing an age old people dependent on the sea. I see locals vying for their daily fish and look into the harbor and see the fleet of two man wooden fishing vessels. When you are in the rhythm of the culture you can almost fool yourself into thinking that industrial fishing and the negative effects  which threatens to destroy a way of life don’t exist.
Anyway after my need for social commentary… I decided to go to the local vegetable market and picked up a couple local lemons, a lime, new potatoes and a bunch of long green beans (they were about 12″ long). With items in hand I headed back to my campsite ready to test out my new frying pan. This is what I came up with.

Ingredients for the Tuna:

  • Fresh Tuna~ I purchased about 750g (about 1 1/2 pounds)
  • Fresh Lemon ~ 2 
  • Fresh Lime ~ 1
  • Garlic ~ 3 or 4 cloves 
  • Olive oil ~ I used a local Kalamata oil

Preparation: I zested the lemons and the lime, smashed the garlic and minced the whole lot together with a little oil to make a uniform paste.  I cut the steak into 4 pieces removing the backbone. I rubbed the paste on both sides of each piece and set aside. I heated up my new carbon steel pan and seared the fish about a minute or so per side. That’s it! I served it with steamed long green beans and baby potatoes drizzled in a little olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

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  1. Yes my wife and kids did enjoy it! (which is surprising because my son usually doesn’t like fish) The tuna was cooked to about medium which coincidently is how I like my steak… I guess you could call this a hybrid surf and turf in the purely technical sense of the word.

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