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highway 61 revisited (or in this case Canada)

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In the annals of blog consistency, I suck. Much has changed from when I last posted until now. Change sucks. From then until now I have built a 3d printer, visited Paris for the first time, changed jobs, moved continents, set up new house and home, gained 20 pounds, lost 7, built a custom gas grill, rediscovered hamburgers and gained more weight. The one constant in my life during this tumultuous time (other than the weight gain)  has been Bob and my favourite vinyl album. One thing I have learned from my recent return to Canada, is that a blog about DIY healthy cooking is very much needed…I was pretty much in the fetal position drooling on the floor the first time I went to the super market after I returned. Too much choice, too much processed crap. I was overwhelmed and it left me with a culinary lobotomy. You should have seen me in the tooth paste aisle! All that to say, as I re-integrate back into Canadian life, I will document my cooking adventures and sort out how to cook creatively and healthy in a pathetic food product world.

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A Touch of Home

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OK… When I was a kid there were two shows that were a constant on my local “peasant vision” non-cable network (aka CBC) They were “Hockey Night in Canada” and “The Beachcombers.” Even though I grew up in a landlocked area of Canada with an endless prairie to the east and formidable mountains to the west, The Beachcombers gave me an understanding and longing for the sea that even to this day is profound and rather pathetic. All you psychologists out there, yes, TV programming can influence a generation!  For those of you who have never seen the show I’m sorry for the bit of nostalgia. But when I rounded the corner and saw “Molly’s Reach” I had to stop in and imagine that I was Relic eating a plate of sticky fish and chips with a pint of beer. Both were good and worth the visit to Gibson’s BC.  So today I would propose a toast to the underfunded CBC and the men and women that gave us a snapshot of the west coast and to the real people that make it their home and struggle to make a living off it. 

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Some may have noticed my absence from my usual culinary activity and creativity. Truth be told, I suffer from the common male difficulty with multi-tasking. You see when my creative eyes are fixed on one thing, inadvertently there is a huge shadow on everything else. Let me explain the situation. Some months ago I began… continue reading

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The yearly birthday shrimp As I look back over the past couple of weeks I now understand why I haven’t had the desire to be industrious in the kitchen. The tendrils of work seem to have slowly crept in and squeezed any culinary creativity out of me. So today I will give you a photo… continue reading

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Memoirs of a chubby kid

Each year when I was a kid, I knew Christmas was near when my mother unveiled the latest vintage of peanut butter balls. When I look back I am astounded at the level of work and patience that went unnoticed as I gobbled up the PB balls by the handful. My mom would hand roll… continue reading

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The Launch

Well it happened. The much anticipated and highly acclaimed book launch came and went. Now some of you may be confused at this point so I will explain. For some months now, we (the participants of the wednesday community kitchen) have been working on a cookbook of our collective knowledge and recipes. I was asked… continue reading

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The Christmas Mountain of Cabbage

  From time to time I get to use my passion for cooking in ways that benefit others rather than just my immediate family and my waistline. This past week I had the privilege of cooking for 150 or so refugees from many different parts of the world. I was expecting to be part of… continue reading

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Cowboy Toast

Of all the senses, smell has the unique ability to travel time and to bring you to events long past. The smell of eggs and cooking bacon, always reminds me of my grandfather. I am particularly fond of the stories he would tell of his early days as a cowboy working the ranch. As a young… continue reading

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Probability and Murphy’s Law

Ok I have to confess I am not infallible. I strive for perfection but alas at this point in my life I still have much to learn and I make many mistakes. (just ask my family) When you spend the amount of time in a kitchen as I do, combined with the shear volume of… continue reading

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Olive Harvest

I have waited a year for this day. I have carefully pruned my tree, I have faithfully watered and protected it during the heatwave in August. Today I harvested my olives. What you see in the picture is not a sample of abundance. Before you is the  entirety of the crop, all 15 of them.… continue reading

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