At The Ouzeri With My Wife

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One of life’s simple pleasures, for me anyway, is lunch out. The only way to improve on a good lunch out is to enjoy it with my wife. In Greece one of the greatest places to savour that late afternoon delight is at an “Ouzeri”. Eating at an Ouzeri, certainly for a newcomer, is almost a right of passage. The decor is usually plain and the tasty morsels are always fish oriented. But what makes or breaks the establishment is the quality of the accompanying ouzo. My favourite spot is down the street from me, and it serves great ouzo from the island of Lesvos. So today as I spent time with my wife, I ordered a perfectly fried plate of mixed vegetables and fish, a seasonal salad of carrot and cabbage, and washed it all down with a superb glass of the finest ouzo.

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