As Giddy as a Kid with a Chocolate Fountain

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As the sun slipped below Mount Parnitha, vows were exchanged and two of our Greek friends were wed in holy matrimony. It was a real honour for us being the only foreigners amidst the group of 300 or so elegantly dressed individuals. Participating in an event such as this really propels one into the life and culture of a people. Nothing (except for maybe death) gives you more insight into the hopes and values of a people like a wedding. As the food and wine flowed in step with the evening, a subtle change occurred. Modern hiphop and dance was slowly replaced by traditional Greek music. It was a sight to behold. All manner of people young and old dancing to traditional melodies that not only defined a generation but the culture.  There was something in this dance that moved me (not to dance but to reflect.) I became aware that in spite of hardship and economic ruin these people would survive, the dance steps and melodies would teach the younger ones of the struggles of generations past and would help define who they are in times yet to come. It was about this time when my son ran up to me vibrating like a massage chair and saying…
“Daddy they have a fountain.” 
“Yes I know son,” I said maybe a little too patronizingly.
“No Dad you don’t understand, IT’S A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!
Now he had my full attention. I looked at him more carefully and realized that his hands and face looked like he had been bathing in it. 
“You have to see it Daddy!” 
So feeling like I was in a scene from of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I took my son’s chocolate covered hand in mine, and he propelled me to this source of newfound life (only half an hour before he was asleep at the table.) It was only then that I realized the true extent of his excitement. An array of goodies carefully laid before us were all ready to be dipped and eaten. I think my son saw a glimpse heaven right there and then. Really what could be more exciting than dipping doughnuts in chocolate at 1 in the morning? So I would like to thank my friends for their hospitality and generosity, and to wish them many happy years to come. 

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  1. I have a HUGE smile on my face! I love your description of the evening, the heart of the Greek people, the beautiful venue, and the happy, handsome lad.

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