An introduction to Post Apocalyptic Cookery

Post apocalyptic cookery

I’m sure many are wondering what is post apocalyptic cookery? Zombies? Eating brain? Well, no and no, this whole idea was initiated during a discussion with my wife about her knitting. I, as usual was teasing her about the copious amounts of yarn floating around our house that apparently is supposed to be her “stash”. She replied that she was working on her “post apocalyptic skill set.” An idea sparked there, and now some time later it is time to act and share with you the ideas that have infected my brain….

Since the dawn of time Man has struggled to feed himself. And most of the nutrients needed for healthy growth and life are unfortunately delicate and somewhat perishable. In our modern era of refrigeration we have slowed this process of decay and contamination to a snail’s pace, effectively allowing us to eat whatever we want, whenever we want regardless of season, climate, or distance. Let’s say the world goes to the proverbial hell in a hand basket, what would mankind do? Would he know how to or have the capacity to survive as mankind did only a few generations before? Fortunately for us, those skills are still with us and even better the processes that our ancestors used to preserve food are not only nutritious but really tasty. So over the next weeks and months we are going to look at the arts of charcuterie, cheese making and fermentation. Stick around, who knows we may yet serve up some zombie brain!

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