An Honour

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I have a good friend who is getting married today. A few days ago I was invited to his bachelor party. My friend is Greek and I was completely mystified as what to expect at an all-Greek version of this rite of passage. Where I come from, this event ranges from a celebration with a few close friends to a somewhat cruel and pathetic ritual hazing. And it almost always involves the drinking of too much alcohol. I found myself sitting at a table in the midst of about 20 guys, the gathering point was not a pub or a dance bar, but at a classic Greek Taverna. And then it began. Amidst the discussions of football (soccer), women, sex (primarily in relation to teasing the groom,) the food came. Plateful after plateful arrived at our table like waves assaulting a weathered beach. Even when the table could not contain anymore, the food kept coming. What started off with a trickle of mezedes (appetizers), grilled bread, fried zucchini, tomato croquettes, deep fried cheese, turned into a tsunami of meat. Grilled village sausages, burger patties that were 6 inches wide by 2 inches thick stuffed with cheese, then came the lamb, platefuls piled 6 inches high, all grilled to perfection with lemon and salt. I must confess, I ate too much. The amount of food bordered on the obscene. It was like drinking from a fire hose!  Needless to say this was my kind of party!  So to my friend, thank you for inviting me and considering me worthy of the honour to participate with you as you pass the threshold into married life. Congratulations!

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