A Touch of Home

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OK… When I was a kid there were two shows that were a constant on my local “peasant vision” non-cable network (aka CBC) They were “Hockey Night in Canada” and “The Beachcombers.” Even though I grew up in a landlocked area of Canada with an endless prairie to the east and formidable mountains to the west, The Beachcombers gave me an understanding and longing for the sea that even to this day is profound and rather pathetic. All you psychologists out there, yes, TV programming can influence a generation!  For those of you who have never seen the show I’m sorry for the bit of nostalgia. But when I rounded the corner and saw “Molly’s Reach” I had to stop in and imagine that I was Relic eating a plate of sticky fish and chips with a pint of beer. Both were good and worth the visit to Gibson’s BC.  So today I would propose a toast to the underfunded CBC and the men and women that gave us a snapshot of the west coast and to the real people that make it their home and struggle to make a living off it. 

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