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In a previous post I commented on how I was trying to create ways to help the people in my community. This post is in that same line of thinking. A few weeks ago I received an email from Alexandra, she had viewed my profile on this blog and left me a comment informing me about her project on kickstarter. Intrigued, I checked out her project (which happens to be a book about Greek cuisine) and I was instantly impressed with her passion and attitude towards food. She shares the same thoughts on food and especially how eating can be a conduit to cultural understanding. Strangely enough she lives in Athens so we arranged to have a coffee to discuss how I could help her with her book launch. After a couple of hours sharing humorous food stories and discussing the joys and woes of the modern food scene, I realized that over a cup of coffee I had gained a new friend, one that I would wholly endorse and support in her cool cookbook idea. So please check out the links and support Alexandra in her launch of Cook[ειν] .

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