A Knife With a Name-Mizu

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This week I became the proud owner of a handmade knife with a name (it was a gift.)  Pathetic and a little nerdy I know, but my new Masakage Mizu cuts like a laser (no joke!) and it is hand forged in Japan by Anryu San.  The blade is Aogami carbon steel, and the name Mizu (water in Japanese) is inspired by the bluish black carbon finish that is the result of the hand forging process. This blade is the ferrari of the knife world so if you want to upgrade your old clunker you can check out the best knife store I have come across.

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3 Responses to A Knife With a Name-Mizu

  1. “It cuts like a knife but it feels so right.”

    Bryan Adams

    Wow…looks awesome. Just your style. Have fun, be safe. And, sorry I missed your special day…we will celebrate in style in four months :) hugs, TP

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