A Fresh Start

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They say that January is the time for fresh starts…well that’s rubbish, in reality we all know that September is when the new year really begins. Back to school, back to work, the end of supposed summer time freedom. No where is this more acutely felt than here in Greece. My first day back in Greece after a three month work-related  hiatus I was welcomed back by my buddy with the standard September greeting of “Happy Winter.” What!!!  It was 35C and after a summer in Canada I was sweating out of every pore. It is a greeting that says summer is over and it is time to get back to normal life.  So with that being said, my three month summer sabbatical gave me time to think and evaluate life, cooking and where I wanted to take this little thing I call culinarytheology. Over the next year I will be introducing a couple of  new themes. One I’m calling post apocalyptic cookery. In it we will attempt to delve into the deep recesses of fermentation, preservation, cheese making and my favourite, charcuterie. The second theme we will explore is urban sustainability. In it we will experiment to see how we can harmonize traditional seasonal cookery with an urban landscape and lifestyle. To help me I have a couple of new toys…oops I mean tools to achieve these lofty goals.

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