A Few Of My Favourite Things…

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An interesting political wordplay graffiti describing a local scandal. It has to do with freedom vs. being cooked like a rooster

It is a funny thing to be in the position I am in now… With my calendar full of guests for the past three weeks I have been separated from my muse, my kitchen. I am itching to post a wonderful new dish, cleverly crafted from the deep recesses of my brain, but alas, I have ideas but no time to create. I generally cook and create from a full pantry of continually rotating seasonal ingredients but as I look there now, I feel like old mother hubbard with squat in my cupboard. Today, I don’t even have a package of pasta to play with. Regardless of my discomfort, I would like to give you a few photos of my favourite things here in Athens, things that inspire me to cook and create…. P.S. my wife put a gun to my head and said that I had to give her credit for the pictures that she took here…

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IMG 6813

Wonderful dried eggplants and tomatoes hanging in my favourite spice shop

IMG 6819

IMG 6822

Natural sponges and lava rocks at the entrance to the spice shop

IMG 6814

Cinnamon, lavender and star anise

IMG 6831

An assortment of salamis at my local deli

IMG 6833

Inside the deli

IMG 6836

Fresh local cheeses at, you guessed it my cheese store

IMG 6837

Fresh butter, yogurt and cheese

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  1. Dried eggplant? It’s interesting, but does it taste like one would expect of an aubergine? And, ‘why’ would you buy eggplant once it has lost its glorious deep purple shine? Hmm…

    Mmmm – I can smell that cheese!

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