2012 Winter Food blog challenge

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Probably the greatest unanswered question known to man, other than the dynamic duo of “Who am I? & Why am I here?” is… What to do about the mid-winter blues? All of you know what I am talking about. That overriding desire to stay in bed ’til spring. The urge to over eat. The guilt because you have. We all try to deal with this different ways. Some people come up with clever New Year’s resolutions to structure their way into spring, others dive into projects and work to keep themselves busy in hopes that when spring arrives they still have a pulse. Some of us metaphorically close our eyes and hold our breath hoping that when we open them the lethargy and guilt will pass. For me this year more than any other I feel the need to cook my way into spring. I want to take that fork from old man winter and have us share the big piece of pie! So if you are with me I would like to propose a challenge. Send me your ideas and recipes that get you through the winter. Send me ideas that you would love to try but just don’t manage to have the time. Send me those desserts that mock your resolutions. I will cook and share one idea each week (providing people actually submit ideas…) and together we can make this bleak and dismal season a cooking extravaganza. Am I insane or what?
Submission categories:
  1. Comfort food
  2. Guilty desserts
  3. Crazy/unusual things to try
Please send ideas to: heathcat@culinarytheology.com
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